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About the Vintage Daimler DB17

Interior of the Vintage Daimler

The interior of the Daimler is spacious providing generous leg room in the rear passenger compartment.

The seating is dark blue leather with matching blue carpet.

A feature of the car is that the doors open towards the rear of the car, making it easy to enter and exit the car gracefully, perfect too for photographs on arrival at your venue.

Our Daimler has the benefit of the Tickford cabriolet body so your chauffeur can effortlessly transform the car to its convertible state so that passengers may enjoy the “open-top” experience during the journey.


1938 Daimler DB17 Cabriolet


 AVJ 506

 Exterior Colour

 Ivory and Oxford Blue

 Interior seat colour

 Dark blue leather

 Interior : carpet

 Dark blue

 Passengers seats

 1 Front 2 Rear

 Passenger seatbelts

 None fitted

 Child passengers

 3yrs + in rear seats

Daimler Limousine with our Vintage Daimler

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If you are interested in booking our Vintage Daimler then please contact us and we will happily provide you with a quote, or ask us any questions that you have about the service we provide.

The Daimler is a stunning vintage bridal car when hired on its own however it can be paired together with any of our other classic cars as any car combinations are possible.  See which other cars are available to hire.

Needing more than one car?

Our Vintage Daimler is a rare 1938 Cabriolet model, finished in ivory over Oxford blue.

Beauford Tourer with our Vintage Daimler